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Demolition Man (1993) - MediaFire and InDoWebSter Link

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Ada film lama nich, Gan! Kemarin malem abis ditonton ama Saya. Tapi, waktu Saya lihat Thread di IDWS, nggak ada yang comment! Thanksnya aja nggak sampe sepuluh! Padahal, film yang satu ini seru, menegangkan, dan pastinya Full Action. Cekidot!

Sinopsis Demolition Man :

In 1996, Los Angeles Police Department Sergeant John Spartan leads a raid to save captured victims from the violent criminal Simon Phoenix. After Spartan scans the building for heat signatures and finds only eight — those of Phoenix's lackeys — he determines that the hostages are not in the building and attempts to capture Phoenix. Spartan corners Phoenix, who detonates explosives. As Phoenix is arrested, he accuses Spartan of having set off the explosives and killing the hostages. The police discover the bodies of the hostages in the rubble; Spartan is subsequently arrested and convicted of involuntary manslaughter. Phoenix and Spartan are both sent to "CryoPrison" (Spartan for 70 years, Phoenix for eternity), in which inmates are placed in cryogenic storage and rehabilitated through subconscious suggestion.

Over the next 36 years, Los Angeles, San Diego, and Santa Barbara become a pacifist utopia called "San Angeles" under Dr. Raymond Cocteau. Crime is virtually non-existent, and the paternalistic society forbids anything deemed unhealthy, including fatty foods and sexual intercourse. Even cursing is illegal: in one of the film's running gags, characters (typically Spartan) incur a fine each time he or she swears. During a 2032 parole hearing, Phoenix escapes using knowledge imprinted on his memory during his time in CryoPrison. The tamed officers of the San Angeles police are unable to subdue Phoenix, so they awaken John Spartan and place him under the care of Lieutenant Lenina Huxley, who has been fascinated with the late 20th century and can help Spartan cope with the changes. Spartan takes time to become accustomed to the future, while the others in the police force, particularly Huxley's superior, Chief Earle, find his ways barbaric.

Spartan and Huxley face Phoenix at a museum, as both officer and criminal realized that would be the only place in the pacifistic society where lethal weapons still exist. As Phoenix escapes, he encounters Dr. Cocteau and threatens to kill him, but finds that he is physically unable to do so. Dr. Cocteau suggests that Phoenix kill Edgar Friendly, the leader of a resistance force that refuses to accept Cocteau's society, and agrees to release other prisoners from CryoPrison to help him. Spartan and Huxley check Phoenix's rehabilitation program and find that he had been "rehabilitated" with training in a number of violent skills and access codes (while Spartan was rehabilitated as a sempster). Huxley procures a video from a museum security camera which captured Phoenix's encounter with Dr. Cocteau, and though the audio is undecipherable, Spartan is suspicious when he sees that Phoenix had plenty of time to kill Cocteau. Upon confronting Cocteau, an arrest warrant is placed on Spartan. Despite this, Spartan is able to convince Huxley to help him hunt for Phoenix in the subterranean passages where Edgar Friendly's resistance force lives.

When Spartan encounters the resistance force, he learns they are refugees who have refused to give up their way of life as required by Dr. Cocteau's utopia and have been forced to live in the wastelands of old Los Angeles. Spartan deduces that during his CryoPrison stay Phoenix was given a mental block that prevents him from killing Dr. Cocteau and fed the suggestion to kill Friendly. This would eliminate the last resistance to the Cocteau regime, something that the pacifist San Angeles Police Department is incapable of doing. Phoenix and his gang attempt to kill both Spartan and Friendly, but Friendly has retained his combat skills, and the two of them and Huxley drive them off.

Phoenix returns to Dr. Cocteau with his gang and, unable to harm Cocteau himself, orders one of them to kill him instead. Dr. Cocteau's subordinate then agrees to help Phoenix unfreeze the rest of the convicts. Spartan and Huxley find the corpse of Dr. Cocteau and drive to the CryoPrison where Phoenix is attempting to awaken the rest of the convicts.

With Friendly and Huxley's help, Spartan breaks into the facility and fights Phoenix, who uses his futuristic skills to his advantage. Phoenix admits that all the victims in 1996 were dead before Spartan arrived, which angers Spartan more. Spartan smashes a container of the potent cryogenic liquid against the floor and leaps to grab a malfunctioning crane arm overhead, as the floor and everything in contact with it freezes solid, including Phoenix. The damaged equipment in the room then explodes, with Spartan escaping just before the CryoPrison is destroyed.

As the other police forces arrive, Chief Earle is dismayed that without the leadership of Dr. Cocteau, their society will fall into chaos. Spartan suggests that Earle and Friendly work together to create a less restrictive, but law-abiding society, and turns to leave with Huxley, kissing her.

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